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How to Gain Credibility With Tutoring Clients – Part I

Recently I have been asked by a number of tutors, especially young people trying to get a foothold in the industry, how to gain credibility and trust with potential customers – specifically how to get them to hire you and pay you a decent wage! My Twitter exchange with Ashley Phylicia ‏@ashleyphylicia inspired me to prepare this 2 part blog feature about building credibility as a tutor.

Gaining credibility and trust with your customers is as much about how you perceive yourself as how others perceive you. To illustrate this point, I want to tell you about how I became a marketing consultant back in the mid-90’s. You may think I am digressing, but believe me it is very relevant to the issue.

After working as a Product Manager in the wireless communications industry for about five years, I decided at the ripe old age of thirty that I wanted to become an esteemed ‘Marketing Consultant’. At the time, most of the consultants I knew were much older and more experienced than me, but I was young and they were making the big bucks, so I was not to be deterred.

After careful consideration, I quit my job, bought a computer, printed 500 business cards and started pounding the pavement looking for my first contract. It was a pretty audacious gambit because I really didn’t have the experience or expertise to rightfully call myself a consultant. But I knew I was smart enough and hardworking enough to do the job, so I acted like I knew what I was doing and invested in a nice suit and some shiny new brogues.

Within two weeks I was occupied full time as a marketing consultant, making double what I had been making as a full time employee and having lots more fun. But the most surprising aspect was that people who had never paid me much attention before were now asking me my opinion on a variety of subjects!

Boost Your Confidence as a Tutoring Business Owner

Based on the specific strategies that I learned from this experience and a track record in running my own business since 2003:

I had discovered a valuable life lesson that is applicable to most industries, including tutoring, which states that to become a respected and sought-after expert in your field, you simply need to assume the part. If you act like the confident, knowledgeable, respected and well-paid tutor you want to be, then people will accept you as such. Tune in next week for my Eight Secrets to Gaining Credibility as a Tutor.

Our Clients Share How We’ve Helped Them Build Credibility as Tutors

In their own words, our clients share how:

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